An online guide to the Stalked jellyfish (Stauromedusae) found
around the coastal waters of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Includes notes on their identification, and where and how to find them.

This website has been produced without funding, it exists as it does with the help and support of numerous people with a similar interest. Here I would like to thank everyone, people and organisations, who have contributed in providing resources. Further resources are necessary, to best describe some of the more obscure and less frequently found species. Also to describe and illustrate the variation that can occur, even within species that are more frequently found.

Images (Historical Habitat)
The Francis Frith Collection - (weblink) - for use of copyright images of the Port Erin shoreline taken in the 1890s, and relate to the habitat of Depastrum cyathiforme.

Images (Species and Habitat)
David Fenwick (author) and Carol Tucker (author's partner)
Erling Svensen (UWPhoto) - for image of Haliclystus salpinx
Marco Faasse - for images of Haliclystus auricula.
Penny Martin - for images of Haliclystus auricula and other images of stauromedusae from the Orkney Islands.
Rachel Shucksmith - for images of Lucernaria quadricornis and Craterolophus convolvulus from the Shetland Islands.
SERPENT Project - for image of Lucernaria bathyphila

Help and Assistance
Michael Guiry - The Seaweed Site
Natural History Museum (London)
Marine Biological Association
MBA - National Marine Biological Library
Allen G. Collins of the Smithsonia Institution, USA.
Biodiversity Heritage Library BHL

Records and Distribution
NBN Gateway
Colin French for allowing images and distribution maps to be used from the ERICA database*

*ERICA is an independant database for the county of Cornwall. Computerising Cornwall's Biodiversity. This database recently celebrated the computerisation of the 2 millionth biological record.
ERICA PRESS RELEASE (860Kb .pdf file).

Note from the author - Unlike other websites I produce e.g. the APHOTO series of websites, which only contain my own photography, this website is for everyone. I am very happy here for people to add news, articles and images of stauromedusae.

"Stauromedusae UK is a community resource", dedicated to the study and appreciation of Stalked jellyfish.

Stauromedusae UK is produced by -

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Stauromedusae UK Acknowledgements image of Port Erin Breakwater Copyright The Francis Frith Collection