Haliclystus salpinx

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Haliclystus salpinx James-Clark, 1863

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Haliclystus salpinx James-Clark, 1863)
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Haliclystus salpinx. Plate 56 from Mayer 1910. Figs. 1-4.

Brief Description

- Each gonad has 40–120 gonadal sacs.
- Gonads may be 6-8 gonadal sacs wide at their widest point.
- Secondary tentacles number 60–70 in each tentacle cluster, but there may be up to 250 in each.
- Stalk about as long or longer than calyx.
- Calyx pyramidal, much broader than high, to 30 mm wide.
- Anchors, large, obliquely trumpet-shaped to flattened with incurved margins.

Description above based on information contained within the following paper -Haliclystus californiensis, a β€œnew” species of stauromedusa (Cnidaria: Staurozoa) from the northeast Pacific, with a key to the species of Haliclystus by AMANDA S. KAHN, GEORGE I. MATSUMOTO, YAYOI M. HIRANO & ALLEN G. COLLINS.


There is a single record of this species in the UK, recorded by Linda Davis, at Wifie Geo, near John O' Groats, Scotland, on the 27.09.2009.

From "Handbook of the Marine Fauna of North-West Europe". Edited by P.J. Hayward and J.S. Ryland. 1995. "Not yet recorded in British waters although known from the vivinity of Bergen, Norway."

Distribution Maps and Links

10km Distribution Map for UK and Ireland
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Haliclystus salpinx. Medusae of the World. Volume III, The Scyphomedusae. By Alfred Goldsborough Mayer. 1910.


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