Stylocoronella variabilis

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Species Account for Stylocoronella variabilis
Stylocoronella variabilis Salvini-Plawen, 1987

Image to the right displays Stylocoronella riedli, the image is © Anne Frijsinger & Mat Vestjens, 2005 of Natuurlijk Mooi. An image of S. reidli is used here to illustrate the genus Stylocoronella, and in the absence of an image of our native Stylocoronella variabilis. Thanks go to Anne Frijsinger & Mat Vestjens for allowing the use of the image. More information on Anne Frijsinger & Mat Vestjens discovery of Stylocoronella riedli can be found on the WoRMS image Gallery.

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Stylocoronella variabilis Salvini-Plawen, 1987 - External Link

Brief Description

- Stalk much longer than calyx
- Calyx up to 5mm in diameter
- Stalk approx 20mm long


Species first described from Plymouth Sound, Plymouth, Devon. Species found offshore in 11-13m of water in 1987, and later at 9-22m.

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Article entitled "First record of a free-living stauromedusa Stylocoronella (Cnidaria)" by Luitfried v. Salvini-Plawen

Articles and Papers (Pay to View)

Kikinger, R., & von Salvini-Plawen L. (1995). Development from polyp to stauromedusa in Stylocoronella (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 75(4), 899-912. - External Link to Cambridge Journal

von Salvini-Plawen, L. (1987). Mesopsammic Cnidaria from Plymouth (with systematic notes). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 67(3), 623-637. - External Link to Cambridge Journals

Stylocoronella variabilis is our most recently described stauromedusan, but there is a historic account that may fit with this species. Details are scant and the specimen involved appears not to be accurately described, more information is currently being sourced. I have it from a reliable source that further information may be found at either Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery or the Marine Biological Association at Plymouth, who jointly hold much of W. I. Beaumont's papers and material. I have produced the following article that relates to the specimen discovered and this will be updated with any new information.

Lucernaria nov. sp. - An article relating to an unidentified species of stalked jellyfish found off Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland by W. I. Beaumont in 1896 by David Fenwick.

More information is required for Stylocoronella variabilis. Please e-mail if you are able to provide information, papers or images; and permissions for their use, all necessary credit will be given.

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