An online guide to the Stalked jellyfish (Stauromedusae) found
around the coastal waters of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Includes notes on their identification, and where and how to find them.

The Stauromedusae of Mounts Bay (Site Profiles).
Mounts Bay has been chosen for profiling various sites because the author of this website lives in Heamoor, near Penzance, Cornwall. Mounts Bay is also significant in that an area within the bay has been proposed as one of the new networt of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).

In reporting the significance of habitats within Mounts Bay for stauromedusae I also hope within each profile to be able to provide evidence that relates to the proposed zone, and focus on the importance of sites that are important for stauromedusae. Four species of stauromedusae are nationally FOCI species for the MCZs. The FOCI species include Haliclystus auricula from which Haliclystus octoradiatus has been separated, Calvadosia campanulata and Calvadosia cruxmelitensis.

All site profiles focus on stauromedusae but may include mention of other groups or species. If a site in Mounts Bay isn't featured here it does not mean it is not important, just that it may not have been surveyed or added yet.

Site Profiles (within the proposed MCZ, with records)

Great Hogus reef - Marazion
Marazion Harbour (lowershore, south of) - Marazion
Top Tieb - Marazion
Little London - Marazion
The Greeb - Perranuthnoe

Site Profiles (sites bordering the proposed MCZ)

Long Rock reef and Ryeman - Long Rock

Site Profiles (sites outside the proposed MCZ)

This part of the website is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION", details and text may be unchecked. Adding profiles and records for each site can be quite time consuming, especially during periods of recording.



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